XP Vehicles announces America’s safest next generation automobile

XP Vehicles announces America’s safest next generation automobile

San Francisco – XP Vehicle Engineering Group (http://www.xpvehicles.com ) has announced a new patent-issued Mark 6 technology platform which promises to deliver the safest cars ever built for consumers.

XP Vehicles Engineering is a design/build technology firm with facilities in many states via deeply experienced manufacturing partnerships. XP staff come from the most famous companies in Detroit and from across the aerospace industries. XP is the oldest second generation car company in America with pre-2004 staff still on-board.

XP Mark 6 system cars are “ultra-safe” in a number of ways:

  • None of the core supplies come from off-shore regions which require invasions to control the commodity supply. It is a 100% sourced-in-the-USA technology unlike Tesla and Fisker.
  • XP does not use batteries that explode and self-ignite.
  • In a car crash, or a pedestrian strike, the polymer expansion panels damp the crash into a relatively harmless bump.
  • The Mark 6 Design is safe for your bank account because this engineering delivers the lowest cost/highest performance cars of their kind.
  • You never have to worry about running out of fuel in a dangerous location. Mark 6 cars can use MULTIPLE kinds of fuel sources.

XP Vehicles Engineering ( http://www.xpvehicles.com ) is a teaming of multiple companies and manufacturing partners to bring the best new vehicles to market. XP offers contract services for investors, specialty markets and manufacturing development partnerships.


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