“…We have over a million documents and evidential items which prove the following facts:

Silicon Valley was promised the Afghanistan mining fields, from the Afghan War, by Obama’s
campaign staff. The Silicon Valley Cartel was going to use the lithium and indium from those mines to
make Tesla’s, Fiskers and Solyndra tubes.

Kleiner Perkins, Draper Fisher, Greylock, and other Silicon Valley VC firms, along with Elon Musk,
John Doerr, Larry Page, Eric Schmidt, Steve Westly and other corrupt VC’s traded “cleantech” market
exclusives for economic rigging.

What the Obama Campaign got out of the scam:
– Over $16B of Google, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, etc. social media and search engine manipulation
to rig voter perception in violation of FEC disclosure laws
– Revolving door jobs
– Super PAC cash financed by The Cartel
– Cash from family trusts, employees and contractors
– Insider trading tips from the Cartel worth tens of millions of dollars
– Actual stock warrants in Google and other Cartel companies
– Huge donations from Cartel financier Goldman Sachs
– The White House
– And more…

What the Silicon Valley Cartel got out of the scam:
– Hundreds of jobs in and around the White House in positions where they could control paten ts,
government contracts and federal budgets to their advantage
– Revolving door jobs
– Stand-down orders, by the White House, on FTC monopoly investigations
– Federal Reserve decisions which almost exclusively benefited Elon Musk and the Cartel
– Stand-down orders, by the White House, on IRS off-shore tax evasion investigations
– Falsified valuations of their companies for stock market pump-and-dumps
– Stand-down orders, by the White House, on SEC investigations of stock market pump-and-dumps
– Layoffs at NASA which were replaced by hard-wired contracts to The Cartel
– Free federal jet fuel for The Cartel’s private jets
– More White House visits and private meetings than anybody in the U.S.A., including members of
– Stand-down orders, by the White House, on FBI investigations of stock market pump-and-dumps
– Cover-ups and stand-down of a much needed Special Prosecutor, by Eric Holder
– Reduced banking regulation of The Cartel’s accounts
– Stand-down of investigations into Cartel partner Goldman Sachs
– White House supported sabotage, character assassination, stone-walling and targeting of The Cartel’s
– White House sponsored attacks from Gawker Media, Think Progress, Media Matters and In-Q-Tel
against the enemies of the Cartel
– And more…”

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