A note to a “Venture Capitalist”

A note to a “Venture Capitalist”








A number of years ago you hauled me down to your VC office in Silicon Valley to tell me that my technology was “impossible” and that “it could never work” and that you “knew everything about this kind of technology” and that you were certain it was beyond the realm of reality and that I could never get a patent on it.



You were the most condescending, close-minded, rude, arrogant prick frat-house asshole I ever met in my life. You offered no insights and nothing but derision even before you listened to the explanation.



I just wanted to tell you that I was awarded the American patent on the technology after demonstrating a fully operational unit to the U.S. Patent Office.



Oh, Yes, and NASA just published a report confirming that the technology is fully operational and one of the biggest break-throughs in aerospace history.



I don’t often gloat, nor am I a fan of tooting my own horn but you were such an incredible prick that I just needed to share the proven fact with you that you are a complete an utter example of the very worst that the Silicon Valley venture capital industry has to offer.



Fuck you!!!




p style=”margin-bottom:0;line-height:100%;”>Sincerely,


The Inventor